ARCH-WORX | About Us
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At ARCH-WORX, we believe the spaces you inhabit shape the experiences and interactions in your life. From the beauty of the materials and the quality of light, to the functionality and efficiency of the space; buildings are the backdrop in which our everyday life experiences occur. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to define and understand the challenges within their specific projects and aim to provide elegant, simple solutions to these challenges. Our focus is to build beautiful buildings that enrich and simplify the lives of their occupants with spaces that will create and enhance future experiences.


Winston Churchill summed it up best:


:                ”We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”


Architecture is both very personal and very collaborative, beginning with a client’s personal ideas and concluding in the collaborative efforts to construct a project. The project’s success depends upon the collaboration between all the members of the team, from client to architect, to contractor and craftsman. We are all striving to create a one of a kind solution to a client’s unique needs.


At ARCH-WORX, our process begins by listening to our clients discuss their project goals and intentions. We organize these intentions, visions and aspirations to focus the design direction and translate them from an assemblage of ideas into a design with physical shape and form. These design ideas are molded and shaped as they respond to the site’s unique context to maximize both functionality and design opportunities. Once the design direction is defined, it is then assembled and communicated in a thorough drawing package for the contractors and craftsman entrusted to construct them, culminating in a unique, inspiring solution; a beautiful building.